Action Ambulance takes pride in serving the fine cities and towns of the Greater Boston area. We are involved in the comunities that we serve and and offer many services that have helped us to build strong relationships in our communities.




emtpAdvanced Life Support Ambulance Transportation
Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed with two Massachusetts certified Paramedics. Paramedics are the highest trained pre-hospital care providers. They provide critical patient care in emergent and non emergent situations. Paramedics are trained in advanced airway management, IV therapy, EKG and 12 Lead monitoring, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Cardiac defibrillation and Pacing, Medication administration and monitoring, etc... Our Paramedics provide Emergency coverage to 13 communities, Inter-facility transfers and Nursing home emergencies.



Basic Life Support Ambulance Transportation

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed with two Massachusetts certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). BLS units provide emergency and non emergency medical care and transportation. BLS personnel are trained in basic airway management, bleeding control, CPR, Orthopedic care, managing allergic reactions, assisting with delivery of newborns and much more



Ventilator Services

Action Ambulance knows that patients on ventilators do not respond well to being taken off their vent and managed with a Bag Valve Mask (manual) ventilations. To better service our customers Action has invested in top of the line Newport HT70 Ventilators. The HT70®, is a high-tech ventilator that combines ruggedness, ease of use, and clinical proficiency with mobility.



Wheel Chair Transportation
Action has a fleet of vehicles designed to transport patients who are confined to a wheel chair or who cannot get around like they used to. Our chairs vans are equipped with an automatic lift. The vans can accommodate up to three wheel chairs at time and up to three ambulatory clients.


Major Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV)
The MIRV is a temperature controlled, response vehicle that is available for special operations, stand-bys and large scale events. The MIRV provides equipment for re-hydration (misting fans, bottled water, hoses), heating (portable heaters, generator), shelter (canopies, tents), lighting (portable light units, generators, hand held battery operated lighting, flashlights), event management (chairs, tables, WiFi capabilities, computer supplies), medical emergencies (supplies, equipment) and community event supplies (water bottles, pill boxes, Frisbees, beach balls)



bikeBike Team
Action provides a Bike team for special events. Our bike teams can be staffed with Paramedics and/or EMTs. The bike team is best utilized in high concentration of people that may delay the arrival of an ambulance. The bikes are equipped with airway equipment including oxygen, cardiac defibrillators and first line medications, to initiate care until the arrival of an ambulance.



atv The Trailer and ATV's
Action EMS has a 27-foot trailer, which is used for emergency stand-bys, details and special events. The trailer has rehab capabilities and also carries two ATV’s (Kawasaki Mules) for search and rescue and hard to reach emergency scenes. The Mules have been used for missing child searches, extrication exercises from wooded areas, charity walks, and large crowd coverage events.



emsEMS Billing Solutions
Action Ambulance Service provides experienced staff working smoothly and efficiently with our customers and healthcare partners, handling billing function professionally and expeditiously.



mock24/7 Communications Department

Our communications center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to book calls, answer questions or address your concerns. All Action Ambulance Communications Center Personnel are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers(EMD) and are fully trained in the use of RightCAD technology to assist our customers.



mockMock Prom Crashes
Action holds annual "Mock Prom Crashes" as a public safety awareness. The mock crashes are held with local fire and police departments and serve to educate students on the importance of safe driving and avoiding distractions. For more information please contact Luann Mitchell at (978)253-2619 or



Massachusetts Certified Training Center

Action Ambulance is a certified training center for CPR courses and recertification programs (BLS Healthcare Provider,Heartsaver, Family & Friends), First Aid training, AED education and certification programs and First Responder training. Our fully equipped on site classroom is available for classes and our instructors are available to teach at your location if preferred. At Action Ambulance Service we pride ourselvs on creating a safer comunity. We provide CPR and First Responder classes for interested parties. Our instructors are AHA certified and are available to teach at your location or at our Certified Training Center in Wilmington. For more information please contact Luann Mitchell at (978)253-2619 or



trainkids911 Awareness for School Children
Action provides interactive, hands on presentations for school children on the utilization of the 911 system, what to do in an emergency and how to stay safe. If you'd like more information or would like us to visit your school, please contact Luann Mitchell at (978)253-2619 or



Community Blood Pressure Screenings
Community Blood Pressure Screenings and Wellness Fairs - these events provide members of the community and opportunity to have free blood pressure screenings, receive information on a variety of wellness topics and ask specific questions about their health concerns.



Emergency Medical Technician Training Center
Emergency Medical Technician Training Center - Action Ambulance Service is an OEMS approved training center for Basic Life Support EMT courses. David Rideout is our lead instructor; his assistant instructors are Pat Gregg and Tony Jordan. Classes run continuously throughout the year. For more information you can contact Luann Mitchell at (978)253-2619 or click on the EMT Course link on our home page.



Specialized Transportation
Our team of Specialized Transportation Drivers are all professional and caring, committed to providing your child with the best service possible. As part of our Action EMS family we want to assure you that we will care for your child as we would our own child.


Action EMS Transportation Specialists Are:

Professional Drivers
Fully Trained 7(D) Certified
Friendly and Courteous
Photo ID Badges