Chapter 111C: Section 1. Definitions.

Section 1. For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context or subject matter requires a different interpretation:--

"Ambulance", means any aircraft, boat, motor vehicle, or any other means of transportation, including a dual purpose vehicle, however named, whether privately or publicly owned, which is intended to be used for, and is maintained and operated for, the transportation of sick, injured or disabled individuals.

"Ambulance service", means the business or regular activity, whether for profit or not, of transporting sick, injured or disabled individuals by ambulance.

"Board", means the emergency medical care advisory board established under section seven.

"Commissioner", means the commissioner of public health.

"Company", means a corporation, a partnership, a business trust, an association, or an organized group of persons, whether incorporated or not; or any receiver, trustee, or other liquidating agent of any of the foregoing while acting in such capacity.

"Department", means the department of public health.

"Dual purpose vehicle", means a vehicle which is used for ambulance service even though it is also used for other purposes, including police and fire purposes.

"Person", means an individual, a company, or an agency or political subdivision of the commonwealth.

The department may define in regulations any term used in this chapter, provided that such definition is not contrary to a provision of the general laws.