Chapter 111C: Section 7. Advisory board.

Section 7. There shall be within the department an emergency medical care advisory board, consisting of the commissioner or his designee, as chairman, the registrar of motor vehicles, or his designee, the colonel of state police, or his designee, the commissioner of the metropolitan district commission, or his designee, the chief executive officer, or his designee, of each regional comprehensive health planning agency designated pursuant to the federal Public Health Service Act (P.L. 89-749), and twenty-one members appointed by the commissioner as follows: three from the Massachusetts Medical Society; one each from the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the Massachusetts Hospital Association, the Massachusetts Ambulance Association, the Massachusetts Heart Association, the American Red Cross, the Massachusetts League of Cities and Towns, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, and the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Association; one from the volunteer ambulance associations; three at large from organizations involved in the planning for, provision of or training for emergency medical care, including any of the organizations listed above; a representative of the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau; one person who shall be an expert in communications; one person who shall be an attorney; and three who shall be consumers. Additional members may be appointed to the board by the commissioner upon recommendation of a majority of the board.

Each appointed member of the board shall serve for a term of three years, or until his successor is appointed and qualified, whichever is longer; provided, however, that no appointee shall serve more than two consecutive terms. Appointees shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the discharge of their duties.

The board shall, in addition to other powers conferred in this chapter and in addition to functioning in a general advisory capacity shall assist in coordinating the efforts of all persons and agencies in the commonwealth concerned with emergency medical care; and render advice on the development of emergency medical care services where needed. The board shall make an annual report to the commissioner on or before the thirtieth day of June each year.